Slow Reading

I was doing a poll earlier today on how long it normally takes a normal book reader to read a 300 page book and a lot of the people that answered finishes one in a few days or so. I can't even finish 100 pages in that amount of time. This is how I read, I sit down and read a chapter then get up for awhile look at the book tell myself I'll read some in a few, well in a few I end up watching TV, Googleing stuff, play on facebook, find a snack, look at the book again say "I'll get to it", go outside for awhile, come back in look at the book again then start watching some more TV. I like to read I swear I do its just that I get distracted so easily, I mean how could I not with the world we live in now with Facebook, Twitter, TV, cellphones, video games, and iPads. The world our grandparents grow up in is gone. The age of technology.  And because of this (and my short attention span) I can't read more then 1 or 2 chapters a day. I currently can't get a job so i have all the freaking time in the world, I should be reading a book a week but instead I'm reading a book a month. Well I'm going to start taking more time out of my busy technology filled day to read.


A vow to myself:


I, Sam am going to make a point to make more time to read more. I will watch less TV (unless there is a Walking Dead marathon on or Football) and get on the internet/Facebook less often. If I'm not in the mood to read however I will not force myself to read, as that takes away the fun of reading. This is a vow to myself and I will keep to thee.