I've Fallen Behind

There are only 2 more month left in the year 2013. Where has the time gone? Every year hundreds of people set a goal on Goodreads of how many books they are going to read that year and hope to succeed in finishing. Most finish on time, some won't. I have participated in this three years in a row, this will be my third year and I've done fairly well in past years in setting my goal and finishing them in a timely manner but this year I have done awful. I set my goal for 25 books I thought that was a reasonable number since I read 24 last year. I have read 16 books this year and I have two months to read 9 books to complete my goal. I can't finish nine books in two months I can barely finish 4 in that amount of time. I'm ether going to have to cheat and read really tiny books or knock my goal down to 20. Or I have a third option I can read a book a week to reach that goal but I don't like reading books I a hurry you don't enjoy them as much I better figure this out fast, hopefully faster then I read. LOL