30 Day Challenge Days 9-15

Day 9: A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.




I didn't love, love the book but I thought I was going to hate the book to the core but I ended up really liking it.




Day 10: A book that reminds you of home.




I got this for Christmas one year and every time I think about the book it takes me back to that year, when my house burnt and I was grateful to still be alive.




Day 11: A book you hated.




Worst book ever and the author is a hypocrite.




Day 12: A book you love but hate at the same time.


I can't say I have any of those. I ether like the book or I don't, there really is no in between for me.




Day 13: Your favorite writer.


Dean Koontz




Day 14: Book turned into a movie that you despised.


I have never seen a book turned into a movie that I didn't like, I rarely watch those kinda of movies anyways.




Day 15: Favorite male character.


Roarke from the In Death series by J.D Robb. I love that guy he's a kid that came off the streets that's mysterious and dark, he's funny, strong and sarcastic (not the mean sarcastic but the funny sarcastic) and you know he has secrets but he still loves Eve.