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All you need to know is I like to read and my favorite show is The Walking Dead.

30 Day Challenge Days 9-15

Day 9: A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.




I didn't love, love the book but I thought I was going to hate the book to the core but I ended up really liking it.




Day 10: A book that reminds you of home.




I got this for Christmas one year and every time I think about the book it takes me back to that year, when my house burnt and I was grateful to still be alive.




Day 11: A book you hated.




Worst book ever and the author is a hypocrite.




Day 12: A book you love but hate at the same time.


I can't say I have any of those. I ether like the book or I don't, there really is no in between for me.




Day 13: Your favorite writer.


Dean Koontz




Day 14: Book turned into a movie that you despised.


I have never seen a book turned into a movie that I didn't like, I rarely watch those kinda of movies anyways.




Day 15: Favorite male character.


Roarke from the In Death series by J.D Robb. I love that guy he's a kid that came off the streets that's mysterious and dark, he's funny, strong and sarcastic (not the mean sarcastic but the funny sarcastic) and you know he has secrets but he still loves Eve. 


Because I'm a slow reader I've been looking for a way to get my books done a little faster and I believe I have found it. I simply see a goal of how many pages to read in a week, if I pass that weeks goal that's great but this will help me get the books I'm slugging through done faster.


My first book is Hunting Magic With Dick Hunter by A. Jarrell Hayes.


Sunday Nov. 17th- 103

Sunday Nov. 24th- 155

Sunday Dec. 1st- Finish


Although I will probably have this book done before the first.

30 Day Challenge Day 8

Day 8: Most overrated book.

Twilight....all of them. 

30 Day Challenge Day 6 & 7

Day 6: A book that makes you sad.


This book makes me sad for society.


Day 7: A book that makes you laugh.

I have never read a book that has made me laugh.

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: A book that makes you happy- 




This book makes me very happy. It was not only my first graphic novel but my very first Walking Dead graphic novel. I bought it for $15 , with my own money. I had been wanting one for awhile and when I finally got one I was so happy. I got the first Compendium, it has the first 8 volumes in it. That one makes me happy a well.

30 Day Challenge Day 3 & 4

Forgot to do this yesterday.


Day 3: Favorite series-  In Death Series by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb

Day 4: Favorite book of your favorite series- Conspiracy In Death

97 Random Thoughts About Life, Love & Relationships by Justin Lookadoo


Justin Lookadoo is a hypocritical bastard. All through this book he praised god and saying how great he is and all that crap. He's preaching about acceptance and then he gets to the subject of Evolution and he called in all crap and anyone that believes in it is dumb, he's saying there's no evidence to back it up, but there's more evidence on evolution then there is on god.


Now onto the book: I was excited to read this book but the more I read it the less I liked it. It was super preachy. I should have done some research on this one. I liked the idea behind it but I feel like it could have been done better by someone else and less preachy. Oh did I mention its really preachy.

30 Day Challenge




Day 1- Best book you read last year.


I really enjoyed this book. It was my first Dean Koontz book, I got through it rather quickly.




Day 2- A book you've read more the 3 times.

I don't have an answer for this because I don't re-read books and I never have so this one is going to go unanswered.

What a cutie ^w^
What a cutie ^w^

I've Fallen Behind

There are only 2 more month left in the year 2013. Where has the time gone? Every year hundreds of people set a goal on Goodreads of how many books they are going to read that year and hope to succeed in finishing. Most finish on time, some won't. I have participated in this three years in a row, this will be my third year and I've done fairly well in past years in setting my goal and finishing them in a timely manner but this year I have done awful. I set my goal for 25 books I thought that was a reasonable number since I read 24 last year. I have read 16 books this year and I have two months to read 9 books to complete my goal. I can't finish nine books in two months I can barely finish 4 in that amount of time. I'm ether going to have to cheat and read really tiny books or knock my goal down to 20. Or I have a third option I can read a book a week to reach that goal but I don't like reading books I a hurry you don't enjoy them as much I better figure this out fast, hopefully faster then I read. LOL

Slow Reading

I was doing a poll earlier today on how long it normally takes a normal book reader to read a 300 page book and a lot of the people that answered finishes one in a few days or so. I can't even finish 100 pages in that amount of time. This is how I read, I sit down and read a chapter then get up for awhile look at the book tell myself I'll read some in a few, well in a few I end up watching TV, Googleing stuff, play on facebook, find a snack, look at the book again say "I'll get to it", go outside for awhile, come back in look at the book again then start watching some more TV. I like to read I swear I do its just that I get distracted so easily, I mean how could I not with the world we live in now with Facebook, Twitter, TV, cellphones, video games, and iPads. The world our grandparents grow up in is gone. The age of technology.  And because of this (and my short attention span) I can't read more then 1 or 2 chapters a day. I currently can't get a job so i have all the freaking time in the world, I should be reading a book a week but instead I'm reading a book a month. Well I'm going to start taking more time out of my busy technology filled day to read.


A vow to myself:


I, Sam am going to make a point to make more time to read more. I will watch less TV (unless there is a Walking Dead marathon on or Football) and get on the internet/Facebook less often. If I'm not in the mood to read however I will not force myself to read, as that takes away the fun of reading. This is a vow to myself and I will keep to thee.



Its Eating At Me

I rarely have a book eat at me but for some reason this one is. I bought 97 Random Thoughts About Life, Love and Relationships by Justin Lookadoo at Goodwill a few weeks ago and ever since then its been eating at me to read it. I have no idea why it's eating at me like this, I have never had one do this to me before. I have many, many, many more books ahead of it but its bothering me so much I guess I have to break down and read it. I'm reading a book right now and I only read one book at a time so most likely I will be reading this one right after.



This book is divided into three stories based on one concept, guy walks into a work place and starts shooting...quite interesting if u ask me. I broke them down by each author.

Richard Laymon, 4 out of 5 stars.
I loved this one. It was dark and gory and very scary, very exciting it really keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has your really rutting for Sharon. It had lots of blood and the end reinforced my belief in karma. 

Edward Lee, 2 out of 5 stars
This one I didn't like as well. I have read a book by Edward before and loved it so I was looking forward to reading this and it disappointed me. The story was base heavily on religion and that turned the story off for me. I like the idea of conspiracy but Edward didn't really do a good enough job with it then I would expect him to have done. And then ending reminded me of The Beast House by Richard Laymon, with the kidnapping and forced pregnancy. Did like it to well at all.

Jack Kechum, 3 out of 5
This one was enjoyable although I wished Stroup killed he's ex she was a real bitch. But at least he got a 2 million dollar book deal out of it all.

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